In short:

  • CheckZis values its Users and will therefore never make your personal information available to third parties for commercial use.

  • CheckZis will stick to the law regarding the use of your personal information.


The Privacy Statement is applicable to all Visitors and Users of the Website and is stated below.


1. General

  1. CheckZis is a website of CheckZis B.V. CheckZis B.V. is registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, The Netherlands with number 52732541.

  2. The email address is

  3. CheckZis is a trading name of CheckZis B.V.

  4. The term "Visitor" in this Privacy Statement refers to a real or legal person visiting the Website and who is not a User yet.

  5. The term "User" in this Privacy Statement refers to a real or legal person who has registered on the Website.

  6. The term "Website" in this Privacy Statement refers to the Website or any of its sub-domains.

  7. The term "Content" in this Privacy Statement refers to all content, public or private, placed on the Website or send in any emails sent by CheckZis.

  8. The term "Cookies" in this Privacy Statement refers to small text files that are saved to the computer of the Visitor or User by the Website. A Cookie stores information on certain User preferences.


2. User information

  1. CheckZis can use personal information provided by Users for the following purposes:

  • communication (through e-mail or otherwise) in relation to the services provided by CheckZis;

  • sending one or more e-mails relating to practical matters, such as an e-mail containing log-in instructions;

  • (incidentally) bringing to the attention a product, tip, new functionality, etc. of which CheckZis believes it will contribute to a better User experience;

  • internal analysis to improve the service provided by CheckZis;

  • communication with the User (through e-mail or otherwise) in relation to the actions of the User or Content or ads placed by the User on the Website.

  1. Some information that results from one or more visits to the Website will be stored, but it will be done anonymously. The information cannot be connected to a specific person or organization.

  2. CheckZis will provide proper security for the stored information.


3. Cookies

  1. CheckZis uses Cookies to optimize the functionality of certain parts of the Website. This allows CheckZis to provide the Visitor and/or User with a better experience.

  2. The external supplier Google uses cookies to show ads based on earlier visits of the Visitor or User to the Website.

  3. Using the DART cookie, Google and its partners can show ads to Visitors and Users based on their visits to the Website and other websites on the internet.

  4. Visitors and Users can stop the use of the DART-cookie by going to Google's advertising settings page.

  5. The Visitor and/or User can determine how he or she wants to deal with Cookies. He can change the settings of the browser to allow, partially allow or disallow Cookies.

  6. Cookies can always be removed from a computer. This can be done through the browser settings.


4. Providing third parties with personal information

Personal information provided by the User will never be provided to third parties by CheckZis. The only exception occurs when a court order is issued to hand over information.


5. Editing personal information

The User can edit the provided personal information. CheckZis can ask the User to do so in a manner determined by CheckZis. In some cases identification may be requested.


6. Questions

Visitors and Users can address their questions regarding this Privacy Statement to CheckZis. The contact form can be found here.


7. Change of  the Privacy Statement

  1. CheckZis has the right to change this Privacy Statement by publishing the changed Privacy Statement. Visitors and Users are advised to periodically check the Privacy Statement for changes periodically.

  2. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions are effective immediately after their publication on the Website.