About CheckZis

Team CheckZis

We love lists!

And many other people love lists as well! When you have a closer look around, you'll notice lists everywhere: checklists, playlists, recipes, travel guides, top 10's, summaries - in essence there all variations of the list format. Lists are a simple way to share information.



How often do you get married? Or buy a house? Or have a baby? Or travel to Patagonia? Or start a business? CheckZis is there to help people solve these non-everyday problems in a simple way: with lists.



When we were creating CheckZis we found out there's more to lists than just helping people out. Lists can inspire as well: which themes are there for a wedding? Which single malt whiskies do you still need to taste? What fun stuff is there to do in Ulan Bator?


Everyone knows something

And that puts you in a position to help others. That's why we created CheckZis so as to allow all users start lists and to contribute to public lists started by others. In this way lists will get better and more complete continuously.

CheckZis: list everything.